Thursday, 22 September 2022

Geelong Street Art - 2022

This weekend Geelong are in the AFL Grand Final.  So it seems a good opportunity to share some recent street art photos from the town (not the team) including a photo of a Geelong footballer.  These photos were taken in and around Ryrie Street in the town centre (not the end with what was the Village twin cinema but the other end with the grand Griffiths bookstore building going towards the Town Hall).

The sort of milk bar I remember from my childhood which seems to be a declining tradition.

Memorial to local Aboriginal man Willem Baa Nip, aka King Billy.

Australian icons - the echidna on a 5 cent coin, an FJ Holden and a stand of some kind (light? ashtray?).

I admired the way the window is the picture and the window frame is painted as a picture frame.

Thumbnails of artwork.



Black cockatoo.

Support Local Artists mural.

This reminded me of Adventure Time.


An elderly lady with a reuseable shopping bag, a handbag and a shopping jeep (aka granny trolley).

Butterfly on a flower that spreads across the pavement.

Virtual reality.

We end as we start with another picture from the hoardings around the site where Belchers Corner Building used to be until it was demolished due to structural issues.  I think this is a Holden ute but please correct me if my guess is not quite right.


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