Sunday, 29 May 2022

Paddington Cafe, Geelong

Paddington Cafe opened in Geelong during 2020.  My parents spoke fondly of it while we were in lockdown in Melbourne and they were not.  It was not until May 2021 that I finally visited, and then in April 2022 I had lunch at their new location with my mum.  It is a fine addition to the Belmont High Street.  A spot of inner city coffee chic in regional suburbia!

This is the cafe in 2021 when it was in a small space down a laneway.  It was quite cosy with cakes in the display cabinet, a few choice groceries for sale and a few tables and chairs inside and out.  As it opened during the 2020 lockdown, the focus was on takeaway rather than eat in.  My parents were very happy to grab a coffee there while on their walks during lockdown.

When I visited in 2021 with my parents and my interstate brother, we were able to sit inside the cafe.  The large windows made for good people watching, although there were less people passing in the laneway than in the high street to watch.  If you weren't facing the window, you could cast your eye over some interesting artworks on the wall.

I ordered the Vegan Sandwich: the smashed garlic and peas, tomato, hummus, mustard, cucumber and spinach came in a toasted foccaccia with some crisps on the side.  It was quite nice though I am not so keen on the mustard as a condiment.

I was pleased to be able to order a can of kakadu plum and ginger kombucha to have with my toastie and a very pleasing intense salted caramel whoopie pie for afters.


There were plenty of cakes to choose from in the display cabinet.  Lots of healthy seeds and lots of decadent frosting.  You can have your choice.

Later last year, Paddington cafe moved to a new premises in a larger, more prominent location on the High Street.  It is a space with less windows, but more tables and chairs.  What hasn't changed is the friendly welcoming staff and ambience including that tempting cake display.  When I visited with my mum last month, we decided to eat outside because fresh air and pandemics go together well!  Not the best place for quick service though!

I ordered the Quinoa bowl with some fried haloumi as extra.  The bowl was a combo of quinoa, rocket, seeded avocado, kale, broccolini and sweet potato hummus.  Honestly I can't quite remember exactly what was in the bowl but I think it was sweet potato hummus.  It was just the sort of nutritious colourful food I needed.  So satisfying.

Again I had the kakadu plum and ginger kombucha.  My mum and I shared a chocolate cherry and pistachio cupcake.  It was one of the nicest combinations of flavours I have had in a cake for some time.  The chunks of stewed cherry were refreshing in the dense chocolate cupcake that I think was made with ground pistachios as well as the pretty swirl of pistachio green frosting.

Since my last visit in April, it looks like their menu has changed again but it continues to have interesting dishes and cater for vegans and gluten free customers.

Paddington Cafe
134B High Street, Belmont  VIC  3216
Menu on ubereats


  1. Ooh, both the sandwich and the bowl look so hearty and nourishing! Love the mini cakes with loads of seeds. We're getting to summer here and I need to be thinking of such light and vegetable-forward meals.

  2. That food really is tempting! I wish I could visit Australia.

    best... mae at

  3. It must have been scary to open up during lockdown but it looks like it keeps growing and settling into what it really wants to be. I love the sound of that kombucha and that bowl is the sort of thing I like to eat at home.

  4. A lot of courage for opening doors during the pandemic. Everything looks delicious, especially this chocolate, cherry and pistacchio cupcake!


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