Saturday 27 January 2018

Kyosk, Ocean Grove cafe

While we were staying at Ocean Grove, I spied a cafe called Kyosk that was attached to a yoga studio near the main shopping strip.  So one morning when everyone else was sleeping at the holiday house, Sylvia and I woke early and headed out to have breakfast here followed by a swim.  What a great way to start a morning.

I had been intrigued by the cafe when I had driven past and when I had time I checked it out.  It looked like somewhere I wanted to go.  The sign for the yoga studio in the same building was more prominent than any sign for a cafe but there were tables and chairs out the front,

I loved the big wooden tables and the tuk tuk in the wall.  The decor was a little bit retro, a little bit Asian.  It looked like it was designed by someone who had travelled and wanted to get out of the rat race.  Lots of space, wooden furniture and succulent plants on the tables.

We sat out the back overlooking the outdoor area.  I love a place with lots of different spaces to sit.  It wasn't very busy.  I guess we were early.  Perhaps the morning yoga workshop was still in session.  Gradually some tables filled up. 

The counter boasted lots of drink and cakes.  I was pleased to see they sold kombucha.  I ordered my a bottle and Sylvia had a freshly squeezed apple juice in a tall thin bottle.  Judging by the speed with which she drank it, it was very good.  

Sylvia chose the kids French toast with ice cream.  She couldn't finish it and I tried some.  It was nice but French toast is not really my thing.

I really appreciated that the kids menu offered this sort of simplicity for her.  The rest of the menu had the sort of intriguing complexity that I like but she would shun.  Such as "hot ricotta fritters with raspberry + orange compote and a white chocolate. orange + quinoa shard and macadamia ice cream".

I ordered the "avocado with beetroot hummus, dukkah + local sauerkraut on house seed loaf (vegan and gf)".  This was truly amazing.  It was a perfect combination of colours, flavours and textures.  Even the presentation was a delight and I am sorry my photos don't do it justice.

I love a place that can make avocado on toast fancy and impressive.  However they were much more than that.  The menu boasted lots of vegan and gluten free options, as well as a few egg and bacon type meals.  I really liked that the toast options were a little unusual, including an ABC nut butter and a berry and chia seed jam.  And the lunch of spicy vegie chips with a sunflower, miso and parsley dip was calling my name.  If I lived in Ocean Grove I would definitely spend a bit of time here.

91 The Parade, Ocean Grove
0403 811 273
Hours: Mon - Fri: 7:30am–4pm, Sat - Sun: 8am–4pm


  1. Your photo of the sunny lanai with blue sunshade umbrellas is unbearably beautiful to one in the frozen north. Those complex ingredient lists are intriguing, too.

    best... mae at

  2. I like the tuk tuk in the wall

  3. Wow that avocado and beetroot dish does sound good and it's not often that you describe something as amazing! :D

  4. How is it that yoga studios always manage to have good cafes attached? I've had some cracking dinners near yoga places! I'd be happy to make friends with the beetroot and avo dish, and while a way a bit of time in Kyosk.

  5. I would spend time here too and am glad you got to enjoy it. Your dish sounds fantastic and having simpler children's options and exciting adult ones is a winning mix. The tuk tuk in the wall is brilliant too.


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