Sunday 18 December 2016

Coburg Night Market 2016

Each year we are treated to the fantastic Coburg Night Markets each Friday in the month before Christmas.  There is lots of interesting food, great crafts and good cheer.  I got along to two markets this year.  No more markets til next year but meanwhile I will share some photos.

The first market I went to was after work.  I saw these eccentric entertainers who rode around the market.  Nearby was Sylvia and a friend eating the Sugar Shack lollies that Sylvia had told me earlier that she would not be buying.  We headed for the ice cream stall where someone was queuing for cones.

Curly spud (spiral cut potatoes that are cooked as chips and given a generous seasoning) is always popular with the kids.  Sylvia had already had a curly spud for dinner and was ready for dessert.

I started to do a reccy of the food stalls but stumbled upon these vegan Indian nachos at a Rice and Dice stall.  They looked so amazing I looked no further and indeed I would say they are the best street food I have had all year.  They were made of roasted papri chips, topped with curried chickpeas and potato, beetroot and carrot slaw, coriander and mint chutney, and tamarind and date raita.  The sign on the stall also said coconut raita available and I am not sure if it was on mine or not as I didn't request it but it looks like it is on the nachos.

They were nowhere to be seen on my second visit but I am tempted to try making some myself because I loved them so much.

My second visit was this Friday.  After muggy rainy weather it was a splendid evening with blue skies and sunshine.  We wandered about looking at the stalls and ended up talking to some friends near the retro tram car and bouncy castle.  Then as we were looking from E who had just finished work, he appeared.

Sylvia and E decided to have the Twisted Mac plain mac and cheese.  We had to wait 5 minutes but I did enjoy watching them stirring the cheese into the pasta.  And I much preferred to have mac and cheese leftovers than curly spud from Sylvia.

No Indian nachos so I went Vietnames with a fried tofu, vegan spring rolls, noodles and salad.  I kept mine simple so Sylvia could have some.  The tofu and spring rolls were crisp and hot but the rest of the salad would have benefited from peanuts, lemon juice and more soy sauce.  Nevertheless, it was a nice healthy meal.  Sylvia really loved the tofu.

We took our meals and found room at a seat.  Which is no mean feat as the market is so busy.  Yet seats come and go quickly.

Then we wondered around some craft stalls.  There are lots of great gift ideas, though some are quite pricey.  I really liked one of the candle stalls.  It had the unusual fragrance of leather and tobacco, which apparently is quite popular.

I really love the stalls where crafters have sourced gorgeous fabrics and make creative products with them.  The bunting at the above stall caught my eye and the dresses below were gorgeous.

We ran into one of Sylvia's friends and her family and E queued for ice creams while I went off in search of Indian nachos (just curious) and was able to peep at lots more stalls.  I really loved the CWA Christmas Cakes.

Once we had our ice creams, E wanted to check out the performance of Bobby and the Pins.  This female barbershop quartet have great retro 1950s dresses.  Twice E tried to make his way along to see them but by the time had had made his way through the crowd the singers had moved on.

I was more fascinated by the Morris dancers.  I can't see them without a smile as I think of Blackadder.  They are so wonderfully British that is seems strange to see them here.  As you can see in the photo, the place was busy.

I found my ice cream quite sweet and as my water had run out, I purchased a home made lemonade at the Corndidos stall.  I really liked it.  The cup was a generous size, though not quite as huge as Sylvia's little hands make it look.

Sylvia was disappointed the kids stall wasn't there this Friday.  She had enjoyed the craft activities there on a previous week.

And then it was time to go home and rest our weary feet.

Read previous posts about my visit to the Coburg Night Market in  2013 and 2014.

Coburg Night Market
Bridges Rd Reserve
(03) 9640 0028
Last market for 2016 was Friday 16 December.


  1. That looks like great fun. I really like the look of those vegan Indian nachos mmmhhh...

  2. It really looks like you have a great time at your Christmas markets - even though a few of the stalls didn't reappear the second week. Love that you were able to enjoy the Morris Dancers, they're so much fun and full of energy.....though I'm slightly puzzled why they remind you of Blackadder? :-)
    Angela x

    1. Thanks Angela - the morris dancers are fun - there is a Blackadder episode where he is trying to organise royal entertainment and can only get the morris dancers -

  3. It is funny seeing night market photos with such bright light! We are in darkness around 4pm now but I know come next summer we'll have the situation reversed (well, sort's never dark at 4pm in Australia). I remember your night market posts from previous years and it seems they continue to provide great entertainment and stalls.

    1. Thanks Kari - no it does not get dark at 4pm ever here - the long nights are a pain for seeing Christmas lights but the trade-off is pleasant summer evenings at markets like these (though it does go into the night after it gets dark)

  4. Looks like you all had fun at the markets. The Rice and Beans meal you had the first week looked so good - shame they did not return.

    1. Thanks Cakelaw - yes shame the nachos did not return but veganopoulous has pointed out that they are at the Vic Market night market so I want to get along there soon. (And I have corrected the name of the place - Rice and Dice)

  5. the cup does look big in Sylvia's little hands! I'm glad I got to go this year and try the gnocchi :)

    1. Thanks Faye - I will be looking out for the gnocchi in future - who would have thought gf gnocchi would be a highlight!

  6. The Indian nachos look really good! I think I would order them too!

    1. Thanks Lorraine - I felt like I had found the best dish in the market without even looking!


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