Saturday 18 June 2016

Tea Towels IV

As I have mentioned before, my late mother-in-law was an enthusiastic collector of tea towels.  She bought us plenty.  We bought her plenty.  And every tea towel purchase reminds me of her.  When we visited Edinburgh and Paris in March we bought a few souvenir tea towels but most of the ones we brought home were from E's mothers collection.  So present you with a fourth installment in our tea towel collection.  Including a New Zealand tea towel my friend Kerin brought for us.



 San Franscisco

 Bronte Country

 Edinburgh Dungeon

 Charles Rennie Mackintosh

 The Isle of Arran

 Paris buildings

 Another Paris tea towel

New Zealand

To see more, go to my first, second and third post on my tea towels.


  1. These are all so beautiful! I'm a tea towel enthusiast myself. :)

    1. Thanks VegHog - I think I have spotted some of your teatowels in blog posts

  2. These are so lovely. I have a pile of 'everyday' tea towels and a pile I save for 'good'. I'm trying to train myself to stop saving them and start enjoying them though!

    1. Thanks Lisa - I have to push myself to use the special teatowels and do have s stack but it is nice to enjoy them rather than hiding them

  3. Very cool! My grandma used to collect spoons, which I found a bit strange, but I like the tea towel idea. The San Francisco one is my favourite... but I'm biased living closeby. The Paris one is beautiful and fun.


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