Friday 24 June 2016

My personal vegetarian 100 - the second list

Years ago bloggers were sharing lists of the top 100 foods you must try.  Of course it has a lot of meat so I posted my Personal Vegetarian 100 list in 2008.  It is time to revisit and update the list.  (And why not today when you might just want to take your mind off the Brexit!)

Back in 2008 I thought I had the definitive list of food I had discovered as a new blogger.  Now I know that the food trends and discoveries just keep on coming.  Eight years on I have a list of a further 100 foods that comfort, fascinate and inspire.  It is a mix of popular and quirky with some personalAussie classics thrown in.  Many of these were unknown to me back in 2008 though not all.  As with my previous list, I have bolded those I have tasted and linked to all I can
    1. kale cake
    2. apple rose tarts
    3. nutritional yeast flakes
    4. cuitaloche
    5. fresh truffles
    6. cactus
    7. chickpea chips
    8. vegan cheesecake
    9. foam
    10. fresh chickpeas
    11. kefir
    12. yellow watermelon
    13. aquafaba meringues 
    14. coconut whipped cream
    15. vegan 'pulled pork' jackfruit tacos
    16. orange flower water
    17. warrigal greens 
    18. banana soft serve ice cream
    19. kale chips 
    20. black rice
    21. arepas
    22. watermelon curry
    23. parsnip cake
    24. beetroot powder
    25. macarons
    26. nutella doughnuts
    27. hedgehog
    28. raw brownie
    29. vegan french toast
    30. fresh sourdough bread
    31. scrambled besan
    32. maca
    33. crumbed avocado fries
    34. CLT (Coconut bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich)
    35. liquid smoke
    36. israeli couscous
    37. chocolate with 100% cocoa solids
    38. black bean brownies
    39. cauliflower rice
    40. Japanese curry
    41. zucchini noodles
    42. cauliflower pizza base 
    43. hominy
    44. kombucha
    45. haggis nachos
    46. natto
    47. purple carrots
    48. zaatar pizza
    49. cronut
    50. harissa
    51. roast cabbage
    52. chermoula
    53. french lavender salt
    54. chia seed jam
    55. golden syrup dumplings
    56. poached quinces
    57. cranachan
    58. gooseberry fool
    59. redcurrant jelly
    60. chokito chocolate bar
    61. tamales
    62. buffalo cauliflower
    63. bush tomatoes
    64. no knead bread
    65. oatcakes
    66. gingerbread house
    67. lemonade scones
    68. cheeseymite scrolls
    69. lacuma
    70. ramen burger
    71. chocolate salami
    72. pikelets
    73. gomashio
    74. hemp seeds
    75. potato scones
    76. grilled lettuce
    77. yacon syrup
    78. fresh fenugreek
    79. dried inca berries
    80. black tahini
    81. dried rose petals
    82. edamame
    83. salted caramel sauce
    84. sriracha
    85. forestberry
    86. steel cut oats
    87. poblano chile pepper
    88. beet greens
    89. Chinese five spice powder
    90. treacle tart
    91. tumeric latte
    92. dandelion greens
    93. maple sugar
    94. jerk seasoning
    95. smoked salt
    96. coconut nectar
    97. white balsamic vinegar
    98. raw cheesecake
    99. dried barberries
    100. activated nuts

    Which of these foods do you really love?  Are there foods on the list you want to try?  What would you add to the list?


    1. Very interesting lis, Johanna! My three favorites here are probably fresh fenugreek, sriracha and nutritional yeast. I also enjoy making cauliflower rice (but generally mix it with "real" rice in dishes). Edamame and salted caramel sauce are pretty great too.

      Macarons are eye candy but taste too sweet to me. Would love to make raw cheesecake and buffalo cauliflower.

      Rose petal jam (called gulkand) is absolutely yummy, especially as a cooling treat in summer.

      Here's a list of Indian vegetarian 100 I wrote several years ago when that meme was going around:

      1. Thank Nupur - I like the idea of making cauliflower rice and mixing it with real rice - I especially loved making cauliflower rice with purple cauliflower even though it did not look like real rice. I remember your Indian veg 100 being one of the fun lists I enjoyed reading at the time.

    2. HI Joanna, I would like to try the barberries and the chickpeas. Your list is very varied and has lots of things I would love to try xx

      1. Thanks Charlie - I think I only tried barberries once at a restaurant but they were just lovely. I was sad to read someone saying fresh chickpeas are a hassle as they are hard to pod but if I see them I have to try them

    3. Oh, this must have been a difficult list to compile! I like what you've included and there are some things I'm yet to try.

      1. Thanks Kari - yes it was hard to keep to 100 as I kept coming up with new ideas

    4. Love your list, I can't believe you have not had fresh fenugreek - your must. I love it. I am growing some in my garden too. I am not keen on lacuma, its taste is just too dominating for my liking.

      1. Thanks shaheen - I don't see fresh fenugreek but I could probably find it if I hunted it out - I have had a few recipes that call for it but I have used other leafy greens - thanks for the recommendation! and interesting to hear you views on lacuma

    5. Wow, that's an impressive list! It is amazing how things change over the years.

      1. Thanks Cakelaw - yes it was really interesting to look back at the old list and see how much I had heard of since it was written

    6. That's a cracking list - I'm heartened to see I have tried a good many of them, and equally heartened to see that I have still a lot more to try. I've never had much success with avocado fries, but I'm quite tempted to give them another go. And I was musing the other day how long it's been since I made scones, so the lemonade ones are calling to me!

      1. Thanks Joey - always new things to try - I could not remember if I had tried avocado fries but I get worried about getting avocado the right softness - I read somewhere recently about baking unripe avocados at low temp so maybe they would soften in baking. I haven't made scones much lately and similarly should change this esp in winter which a warm batch is so welcome.

    7. Glad you liked the apple tarts Johanna! It's a delicious list :D

      1. Thanks Lorraine - Sylvia asks for the apple tarts from time to time - they are brilliant

    8. Wowzers. This list will take awhile to get through!
      You haven't tried nooch?! (nutritional yeast flakes). This is what makes cashews taste "cheezy". You definitely need to try it out =)

      1. Thanks Kimmy - I have tried nooch - I am addicted to it - so good (the bolded ones on the list are ones I have tried - a few I wasn't sure if I had tried so I didn't bold them)

    9. Great list! Grilled lettuce always weirds me looks great but I think of when I've toasted sandwiches with lettuce in them and it goes all soggy and


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