Saturday 31 May 2014

Street Art in Melbourne #8 miscellaneous

Fitzroy off George Street
And with the thirty-first of the month, so ends this blog break when some miscellaneous street art photos from Fitzroy, Collingwood, Carlton and the CBD (the city).   I still have more street art photos to share.  So there might be more street art some time.  Meanwhile I will be back soon with some food posts.

off Johnston St, Collingwood

Wellington Street, Collingwood

carpark off Northcote High Street

off Lygon Street, North Carlton

Bourke Street, CBD

Hosier Lane, CBD

walkway between Melbourne Central and Emporium, CBD

While I am taking a blog break, I am sharing some photos of street art that I have taken over the last few months.  I will return with more food posts in June.


  1. I am just so amazed with the variety you've shown in these posts!! So much street out art there!

  2. Great choice of suburbs for street art. I miss hanging out there now that the boyfriend doesn't live around there!


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