Sunday 18 May 2014

Street Art in Melbourne #4 She dreamt of running away...

I have driven past this mural by Herakut often.  Many times I have wished to whip out my camera.  I had the chance last week (en route to The Cruelty Free Shop).  It is on Brunswick Street in North Fitzroy just opposite the Bowls Club.  It is such a bold and beautiful mural.  Great for entertaining Sylvia when the traffic is slow.

The text is inspirational: "So she dreamt of running away with monkeys. The most curious just tended to be the most courageous."  You can read more about it at Juxtapoz.  Or check out more of their poignant imagery at Herakut's website.

While I am taking a blog break, I am sharing some photos of street art that I have taken over the last few months.  I will return with more food posts in June.


  1. I've been in Fitzroy this week and love the street art there! It's everywhere you turn. Love it!

  2. That is absolutely stunning xxx

  3. Another cool mural - never seen that one either.

  4. That's gorgeous. I'd love a tour of the cruelty free shop xx

  5. I have to drive up this street at least once a week for work, and I always seem to stop in front of it! I love it!


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