Sunday 11 May 2014

Street Art in Melbourne #2 Ann Street, East Brunswick

Ann Street is a tiny lane off Lygon Street in East Brunswick - between Victoria Street and Albert Street.  Much of the street art here is quite dark with bursts of sweetness and light.  I find this top photo just so sweet and moving.

While I am taking a blog break, I am sharing some photos of street art that I have taken over the last few months.  I will return with more food posts in June.


  1. Street art is so overlooked or usually considered "graffiti" but this is pure talent. I love that top one too.

  2. I do love street art. Such talent! I am happy to enjoy it while you are having a break :)

  3. You may know, I love street/graffiti art, so have enjoyed this post - Enjoy your bloggy break - I am supposed to be writing up a presentation for a job interview, but I couldn't help take a short break, okay got to go back to it.


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