Saturday 21 December 2013

Coburg Night Market, Fitzroy Market and end of kindergarten

Yesterday was a significant day.  Sylvia had her last day of kindergarten.  Now she is on summer holidays and heads off to school next year.  It was quite emotional.  Too important to just head straight home.  Instead we went to the Coburg Night Market to eat dinner and soak up the atmosphere.

We arrived at the market fairly early. With enough time to browse some stalls before thinking about dinner.  The handmade crafts stalls were so good I wished I hadn't finished my Christmas shopping.  I really liked the DIY craft packs from My Hoopla and the Bruce Cost Pomegranate Ginger Ale

Then we perused the food stalls before choosing what to have for dinner.  I was disappointed that Phat Brats said they had vegetarian hot dogs in the city night markets but not in Coburg.  Surely there are plenty of vegetarians in Coburg.  Though if you were going on what vegetarian food was available, you might think not. There were some noodles and falafels and perhaps some dumplings.

I decided to have twisy potato chips and then headed to trailermade food for pita bread, tzatsiki and carrot dip (see top photo).  The first was nice but nothing fancy.  The bread and dips were really nice.  I quite liked the look of their quinoa salad too.  We bumped into my friend Lanie and her little toddler.  It was nice to have a chat and listen to some music while we sat on the grass and ate our dinner.  Sylvia also had the twisty chips and E enjoyed some meaty Phat Brats though he found it quite messy.

Santa and his elf helper took time out of their busy Christmas preparations to visit the market.  Sylvia loved seeing him.  She was pleased to be given a sticker by his elf.

We headed of for some treats - a salted caramel chocolate cupcake, a pretzel and some proffertjes with nutella.

Then we had more time to look at the craft stalls.  We admired strings of lights, smiled at t-shirt designs, listened to a stallholder playing a Tibetan singing bowl, and tasted chilli jam.  We bought a few badges and felt purses for presents.  It was only after we left that we remembered we had meant to buy some ginger ale.  Sad face.

Kinder might be over but I am sure Sylvia will still see some of the friends she made there.  Today we went to the Fitzroy Market and met up with Amelia and her mum.  Sylvia and Amelia had a lovely time on the play equipment while we listened to the ukelele group.

We go to the Fitzroy Market quite often.  (I must give it a dedicated post one of these days).  E and Sylvia love having a sausage in bread.  I have been trying out new dishes recently.  Today I had vegetarian pad thai.  It was delicious.  A small serving ($6) was enough.  Lots of noodles, tofu and peanuts with a little more egg than I like.  Sylvia also had a pomegranate and lemonade icy pole.  Sticky and drippy but so yummy and not too sweet.

I love the esoteric nature of the stalls.  Today I bought a second hand vintage floral plate, laughed at a bonnet with a feather in it and rifled through some scarves.  My favourite stall was a new one.  It had beautiful hand crafted goodies.  In the above photo you can see the quilted tea set, the Cat in the Hat quilt and some quilted sushi.  So gorgeous.

As the market was closing we met our friends Chris and Yav.  We all headed off to Little Creatures Melbourne Dining Hall in Brunswick Street for a drink, chips and chocolate tart.  I will post more about it some time.  It was a very convivial way to finish the afternoon.

Coburg Night Market
Bridges Rd Reserve
(03) 9640 0028
15 November to 20 December 2013 (and hopefully next year)

Fitzroy Market
Fitzroy Primary School, Napier Street
Third Saturday of each month, 10am to 3pm


  1. I didn't get to the Coburg market this year, I went last year and noticed zero vegan food. Sounds like this year's market was better than last year :)

  2. All of these outings sound so fun! And full of good food.

  3. Wow, Sylvie's starting school! Sounds like you've all been having a lovely time.

  4. Congratulations to Sylvia on finishing kindergarten! What a milestone - I hope you enjoy these laid back holiday months together before the transition into school. Your market shots all look great although the lack of vegetarian food at the Coburg market seems a shame. That vegetarian pad thai at the Fitzroy market looks excellent though (albeit not so much the excess egg)! And is that dolly sitting conveniently close to the chips in the last photo? ;)

  5. What a lovely looking market. Love the look of the vegetarian pad thai. Yummy. Have a wonderful chirstmas


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