Friday, 26 April 2019

Swing Bridge Cafe and Boathouse, Lorne

While holidaying in Lorne recently, we found ourselves at the Swing Bridge that I loved as a kid.  We were hungry.  So we had lunch at the Swing Bridge Cafe and Boathouse.  The cafe is right at one end of the Swing Bridge and I gather that the taller end of the cafe is the Boathouse.  This part had some nice artwork but as we couldn't find a seat there, I didn't really get to appreciate it fully.

Instead we sat out on the deck.  It was unseasonably warm for Autumn.  The sun beat down fiercely in the middle of the day.  We sat in the sun at first but it was rather hot, despite the breeze.  Fortunately someone left a shady table and we moved quickly before another family turned to the same table.  In the shade, it was much more enjoyable looking out at the fine view of the bridge.

Sylvia had a Swingbridge juice (watermelon, apple and lemon).  It seemed nice but did not quench her raging hunger.  She had a cheese toastie with it.  (On the menu it was listed as ham, cheese, mustard and cornichons so I was pleased they were willing to make changes.)  It was delicious with really good sourdough bread and vintage cheese.  Sylvia didn't eat all of it as she did not like the salad dressing on the rocket touching her toastie but she was too hungry to reject it all. 

I was very tempted by The Dazza: Smashed avocado on seed and sprout toast with apple, pickled chilli, roasted walnut, coriander and goats cheese.  I saw it at a neighbouring table and it looked beautiful.  There was also Dr Marty's crumpets, polenta wedges and a burger roll with mushroom, cheese, rocket and sauces.  Lots to choose from.

I was happy I ordered the Swinging Poke Bowl.  It was a generous bowl of brown rice, quinoa, cabbage, cauliflower, pickles, cucumber, sweet potato and special sauce.  The sauce was slightly spicy in a Mexican sort of way.  I chose to have tofu with mine.  It wasn't cheap at $21.50 nor the fanciest presentation but I loved it this dish.  It had lots of flavour and is the sort of healthy dish I love to come across on holidays when it is harder to come by dishes of lots of vegetables. 

The cafe is situated in a really lovely location with lots of green space and beach nearby.  I was impressed that there were some really good vegetarian options and that my "poke bowl" was vegan.  It is a great place to come to get away from the main street and beach area of Lorne, though it is walking distance.  It was quite busy in Autumn so I imagine it would be really busy in Summer.

The Swing Bridge Cafe and Boathouse
30 Great Ocean Road, Lorne
0423 814 770
Faecbook page

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