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Sloth slice (Easy choc chip slice)

I grew up with a fine appreciation of the holy trinity of condensed milk, chocolate and coconut.  It was - and still is - in some of my favourite sweet food - hedgehog, grubs and mock turtle.  I decided to call this slice, Sloth slice because it is so easy and because there is something appealing about fun titles to food.

Once you have melted the butter, this slice is mixed in the tin and is even easier than the classic magic slice which has the biscuit and butter layer at the bottom and the coconut, choc chips and condensed milk at the top.  You just mix it all up and if you have chocolate melts to be used, you put them on top for some extra chocolate hit.  After all you can never have too much chocolate!

My one concern was that the hot butter would melt the choc chips.  Indeed some of them started melting but I added the butter slowly and so all were not lost.  I also noticed in my photos that there were some cracks when I pressed the batter in firmly.  Perhaps this is why some of the pieces had particularly sticky bottoms while others were not.

The resulting slice is very moreish.  It is a sort of kids slice (for the days when kids didn't have a whole range of dietary requirements) but my 9 year old turned up her nose.  She is mysteriously fussy some days.  It is a bit denser than a cake and rather sweet with the condensed milk crust.  And really really good when it is still warm.

It is a great slice for a topsy turvy weekend.  Today I helping my dad who is generously getting some work done around our house - he is great with his drill and saw and screws of all sizes.  We were all set to see friends tomorrow but it has been cancelled as they are off overseas soon and Sylvia's friend who had a sleepover here last weekend has come down with chicken pox.  So I am not sure what we will get up to but it is tempting to just sit at home and eat too much of this slice.  It is so delicious.

I am sending this slice to We Should Cocoa and Baking Crumbs (hosted by Jo's Kitchen Larder this month).

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Sloth slice (or Easy choc chip slice)
Adapted from MumLyfe

1 cup self-raising flour*
1/2 cup desiccated coconut
1 cup dark or milk choc bits
1 tsp golden syrup
125 g butter or margarine
400 g tin of condensed milk
Chocolate melts, to decorate (optional)

Preheat oven to 180 C.  Grease and line a 28 x 18cm slice tin.

Melt butter and golden syrup (easiest in the microwave 30 -60 seconds).  Set aside.  Mix self raising flour (*or 1 cup plain white flour and 2 tsp baking powder), coconut, and choc chips.  Gradually add the slightly cooled melted butter mixture so it doesn't melt all the choc chips.  Press down firmly.  Pour condensed milk over it.

Bake for 30 minutes or until golden brown on top.  Dot with chocolate melts if desired.  Cool in tin and then cut into squares.  Store in an airtight container but don't expect them to last long!

NOTES: I think this could be made vegan easily with vegan margarine (which I used). coconut condensed milk, and vegan choc chips.

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  1. I absolutely love the name you gave your gorgeous slice Johanna :) I do like how dense and almost brownie like it is plus chocolate melts (buttons) on top make perfect bite size pieces ready to devour :) Delightful if you ask me! Thank you for sharing with #BakingCrumbs :)

    1. Thanks Jo - it is more like a firm coconut cake than a brownie but has enough chocolate is please a brownie lover (Such as myself)

  2. I was keen to read the reasoning behind the name and agree it is easy enough for sloths to manage - and also think it would be delightful to eat whilst slothing about on a lazy day. I hope Sylvia skips the chicken pox (unless you want her to get them over and done with) and you enjoy the rest of this slice and your weekend.

    1. Thanks Kari - just a bit of fun with names but yes very easy! I am hoping Sylvia does not come down with chicken pox - she has been vaccinated as had her friend - apparently 10-30% of kids who are vaccinated can get it if exposed so Sylvia's chances are low. Fingers crossed. But I am keeping alert if she says she is tired or hot just in case.

  3. It does sound delicious. I think this is the sort of thing I'd have to make when expecting company else I could quite easily imagine myself having "just one more piece" until there were no "one more" left to eat. I agree it's a wonderful combination of ingredients. Hopefully you avoid the chicken pox if possible!

    1. thanks Lisa - yes very moreish - it went rather quickly for just that reason. I am hoping that Sylvia avoids chicken pox - I had it as a kid so hopefully am immune but I don't fancy having her at home feeling awful - as apparently even vaccinated kids can get quick sick with it.

  4. Yummo, I love the sound of this slice. Who could not love that holy trinity?

    1. Indeed cakelaw - the holy trinity has never let me down!

  5. I am back from my holidays in Ireland and slowly catching up with my fave blog reads, as well as housework. Your sloth slice is yummy and I smiled at the holy trinity of chocolate, coconut and condensed milk - the three big C's

    1. Thanks Shaheen - always good to have some blog reading to give you a break from the housework :-) Yes the three big C's are my best friends!

  6. This sounds perhaps too sweet for me but I do have times when I crave something very sweet!

  7. This sounds glorious Jahanna - just the perfect size for popping straight into my mouth (or is that just me ;-) Love the name - perfect for an easy bake :-)... and one where there is hardly any washing up too (fab idea to mix in the baking tin). Thankyou so much for sharing with #BakingCrumbs,
    Angela x

  8. I love the name! Sloth cooking is definitely my type of cooking. I don't remember making anything like this as a kid, but I'm ready to embrace a second childhood! I've seen vegan coconut condense milk around a few places, so I'm sure this would be a great vegan treat.

  9. I love your naming convention! We have school holidays here and it is a rainy day, so it’s a perfect time to make this recipe.

  10. Oh Johanna, how you do tempt me. This is just the sort of thing that's fatal for me to make as I can never stop at just one piece. I'm not sure I've ever tried your holy trinity, so I reckon I'd better get my skates on. Hope Sylvia has escaped chicken pox and thanks for sharing with #WeShouldCocoa.

  11. Can't stop laughing at the Holy Trinity! Amazing! The condensed milk crust looks right up my street :) xo


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