Tuesday 17 January 2017

The Snug, Amanda Palmer and Missy Higgins in St Kilda

After seeing Amanda Palmer at the Gasometer on Thursday, it seemed a great idea to go and see her discuss motherhood with Missy Higgins on Sunday morning.  And I was so sure that Sylvia would love seeing Missy Higgins.  That was a parenting fail.  We had one bored 7 year old on our hands.  But she was delighted by the kiddie menu at The Snug Public House.


The Motherhood talk was at the Astor Theatre.  I didn't get as much out of it as I had hoped because I was dealing with my own motherhood issues.  Thank goodness for the break when E took Sylvia out to buy popcorn so that I could focus and photograph.

After the show, we went to The Snug.  It looks unassuming outside.  That means it is not an olde worlde pub that beckons you in but just a fairly plain building.  This is an Irish pub with a fireplace, lots of Guinness is Good posters and barrel tables.  As it was a pleasant summer day, we sat under the verandah at the front and enjoyed the sea breeze.

The reason we were at the Snug, is that is caters well to vegans.  (And we love pub grub.)  Above is the vegan menu.  Indeed it was a tyranny of choice.  I though I would never get through reading it and making decisions.  It had everything: loaded fries, pub grub (like mushroom and stout pie), burgers, raw food and the kiddie menu.

Sylvia went straight for the kiddie menu.  She was pretty excited to find it had food she likes other than chips.  So was I.  She chose the vegan nuggets and chips.  When it came it didn't look a lot for $14 but was so good and came with red cordial and ice cream so we were happy.  The nuggets seemed to be tofu in a crunchy batter.

Choosing my drink was easy.  I chose a berry and mixed spice kombucha.  Ordering food was harder.  I spent some time trying to be strategic.  What would give lots of vegies and something new and some comfort.

 I finally decided on the taco appetiser.  It was the jackfruit pulled pork that I really wanted to try as I have read about it but have never had it.  The pulled pork was paired with slaw, avocado salsa and barbecue corn, as well as some pineapple salsa on the side.  I really loved all the flavours and colourful vegies.  The pineapple salsa was really tasty.  The jackfruit was surprisingly soft and the tacos were so saucy that after eating one with my fingers, I had to eat the rest with a knife and fork for fear of wearing the sauce.

I knew from Faye and Cindy and Michael that the servings at The Snug are very generous.  Yet I still could not resist ordering some fries to share with E.  (He had a soda bread breakfast roll which was very unvegan with eggs, bacon and sausage!)  The chips were excellent.  Freshly fried, crispy and tasty.  It was a huge serving and between the two of us, we didn't finish it.

Lastly I ordered a side of rice paper bacon.  Though I have made it at home, this is the first time I have seen it in a cafe.  I was curious to see how they did it.  They kindly did this even though it was not on the menu.  It was crispy with very little seasoning but it is intended to be served with meals.  I crumbled mine up and put it in my tacos, which I enjoyed.

We looked out over some rundown buildings in Fitzroy Street.  It is amazing to drive through St Kilda and admire the beautiful tree lined streets with elegant heritage buildings and then turn in to Fitzroy Street and see how disappointing the modern architecture is along that strip.  Hard to believe I worked in that street many years ago. 

After our meal, we walked the short stroll to the beach.  It was such a lovely mild Summer's day.  Unfortunately, we were hostage to our parking meter and could not wade in the sea (urban pollution permitting).  So instead we wandered back under this leaning tree.

The Snug Public House
12 Fitzroy St, St Kilda
03 9534 4678


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  1. Oh I love good pub grub too and that menu just looks fabulous. I would have loved the tacos and the chippies look very nice too.

  2. I must bear The Snug in mind - the food sounds good.

  3. Rice paper bacon? I'm so intrigued! Will you do a recipe for this?

  4. Oo that looks good and I agree pub food these days are delicious!

  5. I get so excited when provided with a whole vegan menu. I'm glad you enjoyed your meal even if Sylvia wasn't so enamored with the entertainment.

  6. Ah parenting fails. Believe it or not I had a few of my own earlier this week helping my sister out with her home daycare. I am not cut out for parenting haha.
    The food from The Snug looks so good! Especially the chips! Yum. The tacos look good too. I would love to eat there someday.
    And that picture you posted of the beach is gorgeous!! I just showed mom - we are sitting here in miserable winter/gloomy Canadian winter and are now dreaming of your beaches ;)

  7. Oh, you made it over to St Kilda much sooner than I expected you would! Glad it worked for your family.

    My schnitzel here was the first time I'd tried rice paper bacon (after reading your recipe last year!). To be honest, I didn't love the texture - it just seemed to gum up and get stuck in my teeth. :-P

  8. More pubs need to be vegan friendly. I love pub food. That talk does sound very interesting. I'm still learning what will be interesting to my children... sometimes I get it so woefully wrong and I miss out on something I was looking forward to in order to control them. So glad it worked out for you in the end.


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