Sunday 14 December 2014

Coburg Night Market 2014

It seems we have become regulars at the Coburg Night Market this year.  It runs on the four Friday nights before Christmas each year.  So far we have been to three out of three markets.  The markets offer lots of interesting food trucks, heaps of great craft stalls, and friendly local faces.

I have taken Sylvia and E has joined us after work a couple of times and the last Friday my parents came along and E met us before we picked up Sylvia from a school sausage sizzle.  Each time we have arrived early and watched the markets fill up as the evening darkens. 

Upon entering the market, I am constantly amazed by the richness of colours, sights, sounds and fabrics.  This is the Thairiffic stall which sells really beautiful lanterns as well as clothing.

Sylvia loves the potato twists with the salt and vinegar seasoning.  She never gets through a whole one.  They are nice but very very salty.

My favourite meal has to be the pad thai from the unfortunately named Eat The Chicken.  I had a taco which I liked but would have been better if I had opted for some guacamole on it.  I also enjoyed some curries and dosa but it was a bit on the spicy side for me.

It feels like there are plenty of options for vegetarians.  I also could have had the corn on the cob or some gozleme.  I also fancied the broad bean and pea arancini with cabbage salad from Nonna Carmela's food truck that I visited at the Batman Market a few weeks back.

Dessert is covered too.  Sylvia's favourite ice cream truck is Bianco Latte.  Don't be fooled if you get there early and find it looking quite.  It doesn't take long for the queues to form for the artisan gelato served from the cutest truck.  I loved their peanut butter and nutella ice cream but Sylvia and E were quite taken by the salted caramel.  E and my dad loved Madam Proffertjes.

I challenge you to find a more Aussie trio of ice creams available than pavolva, mango and tim tam.  The first two are from the Bianco Latte.  The tim tam ice cream is from Mercato Gelato and was amazing.  If you fancy something healthier there are chocolate covered strawberries, tubs of cherries or cut mango to enjoy at Market Juice.  I can vouch for the strawberries which are huge but oh so good.

You wont be lacking for drink options either.  I loved the Bruce Cost ginger ale.  We took some away but there is the option of drinking it at the market.  I also sampled some of my mum's sangria.  It is just right for a balmy summer evening.  Others may prefer the offerings of Yarra Coffee or Brown's Corner Hotel.

Take your food and drink to sit on the lawn (or a seat if you happen to nab one) and enjoy the music.  When we have been there early, the kids have time to dance in front of the bands but the area fills up quickly as more and more families arrive with their picnic rugs, prams and friends.

Once the kids are fed and happy, there is time to look about at the other stalls.  I really loved the jewellery making at Love Da Bead.  (They do Pretty Little Things jewellery making parties.  Wouldn't they be fun!)  Sylvia made a blue necklace.  Inspired by Frozen, of course!

As well as jewellery making and dancing, the kids can be entertained with balloons, face painting, hennae tattoos (and let's not tell them about the free lollies!!!!)

If you are shopping for Christmas gifts, you have come to the right place.  You can find soap, chutney, fresh peanut butter, clothes, badges, jewellery, chilli jam, strands of flower lights, mini terrariums, or tea towels with Melbourne suburbs printed on them.

Many stores have really lovely displays.  I loved the fascinating pieces of jewellery in the cubbyholes at Silver Addict.

I really loved the sauces and seasonings at Saori Premium Japanese.  I really wanted the soya and seaweed sauce but moved on too quickly.

E was particularly happy to find a $1 tub of vinyl records at the first market we attended.  After that it seemed to disappear.

One of the lovely aspects of such markets is being able to talk to the people who make the items.  The woman at Mavara Edu who made these beautiful dresses was very friendly.  She also made gorgeous boxer shorts for men and women.  I loved the jewellery by her neighbour Courtesy Please who made some delicate woven earrings like colourful spider webs.  And E got to ask the guy with the muso prints on t-shirts if there was a possibility of one with Leadbelly.

One of my favourite stalls was the Wawa Chocolatier.  The chocolate wasn't cheap at $13 a block but it was amazing.  The flavours on offer were Lavender Honeycomb and Cocoa Nib; Mint Caramel Crisp; Toasted Sourdough; Fried Almond and Smoked Salt; and Blueberry and Blue Corn. I bought a block of the lavendar honeycomb and cocoa nib.  It was so smooth and moreish with chewy honeycomb infused with lavender flavour.

If you are really into the festivities, there are some Christmas goodies to be bought.  (Elf poop, anyone?)

Finally the market would be getting really busy and Sylvia would be very tired.  We all were.  It was time to head home, making someone very happy to snap up our car park!  (They are like hen's teeth around the market but there are more parking spots near the town hall apparently.)

There is only one more week to go.  I highly recommend you head down there next Friday if you live nearby.  A few stalls change each week but are mostly the same.  It really does feel like the place to bump into friends and enjoy the buzz of a suburb that is the place to be.

Read my Coburg Night Market 2013 post.

Coburg Night Market
Bridges Rd Reserve
(03) 9640 0028
Last market for 2014: Friday 19 December.


  1. It looks like fun. I am up for a potato twist and a chocolate dipped strawberry.

  2. This sounds fantastic, even if I am giggling and cringing simultaneously at the stall named Eat The Chicken!! I'm glad they delivered good pad thai regardless, and those ice cream flavours are so quintessentially Australian. The lanterns are gorgeous too. How lovely to have this on your doorstep.

  3. thanks for the reminder, I completely forgot there was only one night left! So glad you mention the Saori stall as I regretted not buying more of their stuff at World Vegan Day!

  4. Hehe dare I ask what Elf poop is? It's probably like reindeer poop which we've bought in Finland :P

  5. You've done well to suss out the veg options! Michael and I didn't notice half of what you did, although we did enjoy the dosa and the potato twists.

  6. Wow! This night market looks amazing Johanna. I would love it if they had stuff like this closer to where I lived - makes me want to take a trip across the pond to where you are.
    Beautiful lanterns, that potato twist sounds amazing!!! And the jewelry is gorgeous.


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