Saturday, 22 October 2011

Beautiful Things

Beauty in Baking: Inspired by CityHippyFarmGirl, I made my chia bread into a sunflower today.  Great achievement for a lazy morning!  Good with baked beans.

Beautiful but impractical crockery: I have long coveted a tiered cake stand.  Finally I gave in to temptation at a local store.  Now I understand how impractical these plates are.  Impossible to wash.  It takes up half the dishrack to dry.  Too big for our cupboards.  And when will I ever use it?

Beauty in nature: A rose in our front garden.  Tended by my mum.  A joy to see when we step out the front door.

More beautiful things: My Delicious bookmarks account restored to me.  Our car being fixed after someone ran into the back of it.  Sylvia in her purple raincoat with pink hearts. 

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  1. I love the bread! I am inspired.

    I also want a cake stand, but realise I have no room!

  2. I laughed at your cake stand comment, I too have longed for one of these. AND you'll just have to have tea parties!

  3. Johanna, you are such an amazing artist! I would so love to have your gorgeous sunflower design hanging on our wall! :-) With another loaf of your lovely chia bread to nibble, too... :-)

  4. Love the bread, the sunflower is pretty, and the other shots of the loaves look fab.

    Lovely cake stand too, but how true about its impracticality. Mind you, at least it is beautiful!

  5. I am well impressed with the bread Johanna :)

  6. Beautiful indeed - all of it. And I have a tiered cake stand too (albeit just 2 tiers and not as pretty as yours), which is impractical, but I still love it. And I find reasons to use it too :)

  7. Thanks Helen - you sound wiser than me about cake stands - mine is on top of the cupboards

    Thanks Jeni - already have a tea party in mind for my cake stand - to justify it to me :-)

    Thanks Astra - you do say the nicest things - would love my sunflower bread to hang on your wall too - though once heard about someone who nailed a meaningful bread roll on the wall and it stayed there until it was just a ring of mould around the nail - not sure I want that for you :-)

    Thanks C - the chia bread is great and brydie's artistry with the olive oil dough are so inspiring

    Thanks Jacqueline - so was I :-)

    Thanks Kari - I will have to find reasons to use my cake stand - after I bought it I realised that 3 layers is even more to fill - delusions of grandeur methinks!

  8. Love your chia bread - so cute. And I am a sucker for impractical crockery that won't fit in the cupboard.

  9. You did an amazing job with the bread!! I know what you mean about the tiered cake stand. My mom got me one, and I've used it once and now it sits away in the closet.


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