Monday, 26 May 2008

GO café – art student chic

Saturday was a busy day spent visiting family in Geelong (an hour’s drive from Melbourne). We managed to visit Andy (where we had great pancakes), Paul (to watch the new kitten play up in the tree), Susie (where we had sticky bun and a play with her girls) and my mum (who is recovering after illness).

We decided to take time out and have lunch at the quirky GO café. Beforehand we sat with Susie and my dad puzzling over the slim information on the internet about where it was. But with a little bit of advice from dad we managed to find it.

I have only been there once before with Paul and my niece Quin. We had a lovely time in the courtyard with a friendly cat and a stuffed toy which was used to identify our table to staff rather than a table number. This time there was neither cat nor stuffed toy. We arrived half an hour before they shut but the staff were most helpful. Although we were told the kitchen had closed, we were offered a range of focaccia and when I asked if there was any soup, they were only too happy to oblige.

Inside, the cafe is full of character with walls cluttered with artwork, a blue fireplace, an organ, and huge candlesticks on a large communal table. But we sat outside in regal pink chairs in the courtyard. It is covered-in with skylights and feels light and airy with plants and lights of all sorts: candelabra, fairy lights and paper lanterns. An odd assortment of chairs are gathered around wooden and laminex tables. It seems as though someone has a talent for spotting lonely junk and giving it new life in this funky café. E and I surmised that this is the place where the university students of Geelong hang out. The sort who have just discovered Kate Bush's music because they were too young to appreciate it the first time around.

I ordered a minestrone soup and E ordered an egg, bacon and cheese focaccia. Both were very good. My minestrone was a lovely tomato slush filled with orzo pasta, pumpkin, celery, potato, spinach, zucchini and capsicum. The fresh and tasty soup filled me up. My only complaint would be that I would prefer a good dense slice of bread rather than fluffy white bread but I know that is a personal preference. I also liked the old silver soup spoon that I was given to eat it with.

After racing around all morning, it was lovely to relax with some good food and the newspaper. Although the place had a feel of art school chic, it was welcoming rather than intimidating. The staff were friendly and relaxed – maybe just pleased it was almost time to close for the day. When we left one of them was singing and dancing as he cleaned. We walked out the door with a smile on our faces.

GO café
37 Bellerine Street
Cnr Little Malop Street
Geelong VIC 3220

Tel: 03 52294752
Fax: 03 5229 0169

Open: Mon-Fri 0700-1600, Sat 0830-1500


  1. Sounds lovely--anything connected to art school is good by me! You definitely had a busy day--bet the soup made a nice break.

  2. I dig the silver spoon, as well as the tray in the photo. Very funky. The pink chairs give off almost an Alice-in-Wonderland vibe. How very fun! What is their food like when the kitchen is open?

  3. I love this place - it's a great place to go for a cuppa when you have the kids in tow. Good food, and the added bonus of an outside area and a toy to keep the kids amused.


  4. thanks Ricki - the soup was just what I needed to restore some energy!

    thanks Neen - it did feel a little alice in wonderland! After I left I realised I should have checked out a menu but we only had a quick glance at the counter so I couldn't tell you about the other food.

    thanks Kathleen - good to know it is not just the playground of the students - I did enjoy going there with quin! will keep it in mind for a place to meet up when I finally find some time in geelong!

  5. I Love Go Cafe... Am having my Wedding there!


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