Tuesday, 15 October 2019

Melbourne city (CDB) street art

It's been busy.  Too busy for much cooking.  But I have street art photos from a day out in the city, a walk along SouthBank on the way to a conference and a meeting in the city.  Some humour.  Some whimsy.  Some beauty.  Lots of greenery.  And a little weirdness!  I hope you enjoy.

Above and below: Off Little Bourke Street near the corner of Elizabeth Street.  Climate change is even come to street art!

Below is a lot of photos from Guilford Lane.  Highly recommend a walk along this leafy lane.  (Even if you are not visiting the Cat Cafe - stayed tuned for some pics!)

Above: on Little Lonsdale Street between Melbourne Central walkways!  Because Molly Meldrum is a legend.

Above and below are artworks off Flinders Lane, some of which were part of Flinders Lane Augmented Artwork Festival in Sept 2019 that you can read about at Hot or Not.  I suspect some of the weird fashion artwork on the metro site in Swanston Street at the top of Flinders Lane is to distract from how high they are building on City Square!  Above is a mural along a wall and directly below is a fading but amusing Gargamel from the Smurfs.

Below is artwork from Yarra Promenade along SouthBank.  It is all under a bridge - maybe the Kings Street bridge?

If you are interested in seeing Melbourne city street art, you can find walking tours online.  More Melbourne city (CBD) street art photos from my blog:


  1. Wow, what great street art. I have not seen most of these. My fave is the first Guildford Lane one.

  2. Love the street art! It's like the city is a walking gallery. How inspiring!

  3. Yes I do enjoy and your right, some are very wierd - still interesting to see. Thanks for sharing


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