Monday, 6 August 2018

Sister of Soul, St Kilda vegetarian restaurant

A couple of weekends ago, we headed to St Kilda in a mad rush and arrived just in time to see the play Puffs.  Once it was over we were able to relax and eat at Sister of Soul.  I first went there quite a few years ago and have wanted to return ever since.  This was a great meal but we were so full when we left that it felt like we didn't need to eat for a week.

Firstly, let me tell you that Puffs (a Harry Potter spin off play) was great fun.  The sets and costumes were simple but the jokes were hilarious.  You needed to know your Harry Potter to understand them but we all did.  I really loved all the little fun exhibitions around the theatre and foyer (like the above).  But my favourite moment was probably when Voldemort (an actor in a swimming cap and some tape across his nose) came out into the audience to ask what he might do when he conquered Potter.  One little kid yelled out, buy a toupee.

We then drove around to park by Luna Park, where we went during the recent school holidays.  We walked past Luna Park's slightly creepy happy mouth and past some street art to find a seat in Sister of Soul where we looked out upon both.

Sylvia loved watching the darkness fall and Luna Park light up .  She is keen to go back there in the dark but I think watching from the window of a restaurant is probably more our thing.

Wheras I would be keen to return to Sister of Soul.  We had a great spread of starters and really enjoyed our curries.  I would love to go back to try more because a vegetarian restaurant is always a tyranny of choice.  It was great to eat meals full of lots of flavour and vegies.  If only we lived closer, I would be back for the breakfast menu.

We ordered drinks.  I ordered kombucha ($7)and Sylvia had apple juice ($7).  Her juice looked cute in the bottle but was a bit fruity for her.  (Which means it would probably please an adult taste.)  I was sorry that I had not seen that Sister of Soul served mulled wine ($10) and mulled cider ($9.50).
The latter sounded particularly appealing with a warming combo of apple cider, orange juice and spiced sugar syrup and dusted with cinnamon.  Next time!

I decided to try some starters for Sylvia.  I got her the edamame ($6) and some teryaki tofu skewer ($11.50).  I quizzed the waitress on how spicy were the skewers because the menu described it as "
Marinated and lightly spiced tofu skewers served with nori, a japanese side salad, a goma dressing and fresh ginger".  She told me it was not at all spicy.  As soon as I tasted it I begged to differ.  It was a bit spicy for me but way too spicy for Sylvia.  When I pointed this out, our waitress was happy to swap it for a bowl of potato fries ($8).

Perusing the starters was too tempting and I also ordered some polenta jenga ($10).  This came on a slice of cauliflower puree with some sage and cashew parmesan.  I think this was my favourite dish.  The polenta chips were great with the really tasty cauliflower puree.  You know it is good when you walk away dreaming of the taste and wondering how to reproduce it.

I was actually sad to see the tofu skewers go but the chips were very good.  Sylvia really enjoyed the edamame and by the time the chips appeared, we were all really full and unable to eat that many.

E chose the chickpea kharma curry ($15): Indian chicpeas, red lentil, potato and cauliflower curry. Simmered in a thick masala tomato sauce. Served with labne and a refreshing tomato, cucumber, radish, mint and mixed leaf salad.  He added roti for $3.  I had a small mouthful and enjoyed it but E raved about how good his meal was.

While E had a small bowl of curry, I chose the Massaman curry ($18) which was huge.  That bowl was bigger than my head.  I also ordered some rice on the side ($3).  I partly chose this because it had tempeh in the thick rich curry.  It was really crispy and delicious.  I would have liked twice as much tempeh.  The vegetables were eggplant (mostly good but a few not), lotus root, broccoli, carrots, potato, bean shoots and fresh coriander.

This curry absolutely defeated me.  It was huge.  I found it odd that both E's and my curry came without rice or roti so that we had to pay extra for them.  I didn't get through my rice and ended up sharing it with E.  My curry was lovely but it was too much to have this curry as well as some starters.

By the time we left we were so full that we could walk along Acland Street admiring all the cake displays without any desire for dessert.  On my last visit years ago, I had a impressively memorable impressive black rice pudding for dessert but it is no longer on the menu.  Instead of dessert this time, we headed over Acland St to Readings Bookstore where we ended a lovely evening.

Sister of Soul
73 Acland Street, St Kilda
03 9593 8550
Open daily 7.30am - late

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  1. I love vegetarian curries. There's always so much flavour from the spices. And a big yes to roti too!

  2. This food looks terrific, especially the curries. I do love a curry on a cold night.

  3. spiciness is such an individual thing isn't it? so hard for someone else to judge for us:=)

  4. It looks like a lovely place! The foods look great!


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