Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Remembering Alex and Ian 10

Today is 10 years since our twin sons Alex and Ian were born and died.  It is a long time.  Hard to believe the years without them have piled up into double figures.  Though they are still part of our family.  Always remembered.  Always missed.

There seems to be a lot more information about stillbirth and grief online since the time 10 years ago when we were left bereft and wondering how to cope.  Here is some recent ones that are worth reading.  (More can be found in my annual remembrance posts for Alex and Ian.)

Now what (8 March 2017) - Pinch of Yum 
High profile blogger, Lindsay shares her grief and efforts to go on with life after her baby died 3 hours after birth.

On Triggers (3 July 2017) - Still Mothers
Reflections on experiences and words that can trigger grief after the loss of a child.

'It was unbelievably painful': Tina Arena speaks about her three miscarriages (8 June 2017) - Essential Baby 
Aussie pop star, Tina Arena talked about her three miscarriages on Anh's Brush with Fame.

Thank you Offspring for sharing this story and honouring our babies (17 August 2017) - Kidspot
Cassandra Leigh thanks Australian hospital drama series for featuring a story about stillbirth this year.  It is a rare moment that such experiences are shared in television dramas.

'They couldn't find a heartbeat' (July 2017) - Marie Claire
Jonnie and Jacqueline Hoy share their experiences and grief when one of their identical twins was stillborn.

People say the darndest things when you are pregnant again after a loss (2016) - PALS

A very private grief: the parents breaking the stillbirth taboo: (9 October 2017) - The Guardian
Emma Beck created Stillbirth Stories as a place online for people to share their experiences.

Journalist shares her personal story of losing a baby ahead of International Pregnancy and Infant Loss Day (22 September 2017) - The Courier Mail
Lauren-Martyn Jones writes about being pregnant with twins and finding that one of her girls had died in utero.

Elliott's Stardust
A blog written about the experiences of a mother whose child was stillborn.


  1. Thinking of you and your family today. xo

  2. Every year when you post about Alex and Ian, you and your family are in my thoughts. I think it's lovely that you add links to stories on other people's experiences from the past year and resources, maybe helping someone else who needs to hear they're not alone. You definitely have helped me know what (not) to say if and when any of my friends experience a similar loss. Thank you for remembering Alex and Ian with us, your readers.

  3. You are in my thoughts today x

  4. I think talking about your experience is inspiring, and brave, and necessary. Sharing all those other stories is so worthwhile too. I hope people know that they're not alone and others are sharing what they're going through.

  5. my thoughts are with you and your family which does include alex and ian. thank your such a powerful post and the courage to do so.

  6. Thank you for sharing such valuable resources and for being brave enough to share your story too. Thinking of you and your family x

  7. Thinking of you, E, Sylvia and Alex and Ian. I am so glad you do these posts. I am sure the pain will be there forever, but it is lovely that you can remember them fondly too x

  8. 10 years may be a long time, but your beautiful boys will be remembered forever and will always be special. I love that you mark the anniversary every year and keep their memory so present. My thoughts are with you Johanna. xx


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