Sunday 8 January 2012

in search of (3)

The last couple of years I have amused myself with some of the choice search terms that bring people to my blog.  A while back I spent some idle moments browsing the search terms in my Google Analytics.  Here are some of the more entertaining (and some disturbing) results.

Giraffe searches:
  • a green giraffe small numbness
  • do giraffes eat oranges? 
  • fried giraffe
  • full moons and giraffes  
  • giraffes how they store food 
  • global warming giraffe
  • how are a giraffe and coleslaw alike
  • higher than the balls on a giraffe
  • is a giraffe most active in the day or night? 
  • piano music i thought i saw a green giraffe
  • what color is giraffe's semen? 
  • why giraffes dont eat mulbery during winter
  • why is a giraffe beautiful?

Odd questions and thoughts:
  • bossy dolly
  • can i be vegetarian in the british army?
  • flapjack tee hee tam tams  
  • provocative fruits 
  • sexy poffertje 
  • shy flapjack
  • would peasants have eaten apples, oranges or pears in 1066
  • wishing you many happy days in the kitchen 
  • why did god make the skin of blood plums so sour?
  • who would call a kid fish and chips?
  • what is this green dried ball?
  • what is an aussie meal we have lamington for dessert --- what is a main that we only do in australia and a starter that is again only in australia?

Inspires me:
  • butterscotch maple walnut cake 
  • chestnut, cranberry, parsnip and brie nut roast
  • giraffe themed fruit platters
  • green rice giraffe
  • help in making a giraffe out of potato
  • how to make japanese rice cookies at home 
  • lego flapjack
  • pumpkin soup white wine apples tarragon cumin nutmeg
  • small chestnut cake with chocolate runny heart

How many ways people could misspell the name of my blog:
  • grengourmet giraffe
  • green giraffe gourmt
  • green gorme giraffe
  • green gormeut giraffe
  • green gouremet giraffe
  • green gourme giraffe
  • green gourmt giraffe
  • green gourtmet giraffe
  • green groumet giraffe
  • green gurnmet giraffe
  • greengurmergiraffe
  • greengourmetginaff 

Finally I will take a moment to apologise to people who have landed on my blog full of hope, only to feel misled by the search engine.  Though you will find these words on my blog, you will not find anything about giraffe cake pops, airplane shaped houses or young bimbo.

For more search terms, go to "in search of..." posts in 2009 and 2010.


  1. I fear Mr Fried Giraffe will have been disappointed to find himself on a vegetarian site! :)

  2. Lol! Loved this once again. My favourite is "shy flapjack".
    And "butterscotch maple walnut cake"? Yum!

  3. Hi, love the blog...and its the third on google blogspot it ok to take a scteenpic and a link and add it on a post or in my blogroll?? The pic makes a static pic bookmark so folks cant hak the link and folks know where they are headed with a the title, thx sue

  4. Ha ha - what are people thinking when they type into a search engine. How bizarre! But most entertaining at the same time ;0)

  5. Hahaha, those search terms are wonderful! :D I think most people find my blog by googling "pressure cooker explosion" because my old pressure cooker, well, at least somewhat exploded. :P

  6. "how are giraffes and coleslaw alike"

    What on earth?!

  7. Absolutely loved this post. Still smiling! And wondering about the poor vegetarian wanting to join the army!

    As for me, my guest blogger posted about making mead and included a fermentation diagram . . . which is being searched on by 100s of American high school students . . . which makes us both laugh!

  8. That's hilarious. I had no idea so many people googled giraffes.

  9. This is brilliant :) Very funny indeed, and a puzzling insight into the workings of some people's Googling!

  10. Haha! That's brilliant! :P I must have a look at mine to see what people look up.

  11. LOL - some of those searches which lead to your blog are bizarre!

  12. well that's a very interesting list!
    Makes mine look rather boring by comparison since most people find me googling chutney recipes.

  13. Thanks Rachel - that'll learn him!

    Thanks Wendy - they are great aren't they - I love bossy doll and wondered if someone was searching for a present :-)

    Thanks Jac - oh yes

    Thanks Sue - you are welcome to link to the site and use a static screenshot as long as it is clearly sourced

    Thanks Chele - I often wonder the same thing - but at least it gives us a laugh

    Thanks Kath - I get a lot of mouldy christmas pudding and uncooked cake on my searches because I have mentioned them - funny the things the people are interested in

    Thanks Lisa - I think I googled this one because I thought it such an odd question

    Thanks Marmaduke Scarlett - and is there much about vegetarians in the army on the internet? Mead and fermentation - you sound like a bad example :-)

    Thanks Charlie Louie - if you saw all the giraffe search terms that land on my blog you would be amazed - I only shared the entertaining giraffe search terms

    Thanks Kari - sometimes I wish I could explain to people a little about how google works - though I probably put in some silly search terms too

    Thanks Lorraine - am sure there are a few beauties in your search terms

    Thanks Cakelaw - to look at these terms you might think that my blog was bizarre :-)

    Thanks Nic - actually most of the search terms for my blog are quite dull - these are just the few fun ones - lots of people find me by googling nut roast or birthday cakes (airplane, penguin etc)


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