Saturday, 27 September 2008

Fridge Door Confessions

Wendy from A Wee Bit of Cooking has a quirky event on at the moment calling for pictures of our fridge doors. I am looking forward to joining her having a ‘nosey at other people’s fridge doors’ in the round up tomorrow. And I couldn’t resist sending her a photo despite the cluttered state of our fridge door.

Our fridge is so crowded that it is even filling up on the sides. Both E and I seem to accumulate clutter – don’t ask me how! And our fridge door is not immune. I have included a picture of the fridge (right) which shows that there is not much unused space on our fridge door. Apart from magnets, the door is filled with the likes of our shopping list, bills, dentist reminders, postcards, newspaper clippings, photos, business cards and takeaway menus.

I have done a little shuffling and photographed a close-up (top) for Wendy with some choice pieces. There will be no surprise to see a few giraffes there and I have left in a few freebie magnets that find their way here.

The DJ cat postcard was found on our last trip to Edinburgh – still makes us laugh! Quite a few of the magnets come from Scotland. The bagpiping angel from the Thistle Chapel at St Giles Cathedral reminds me of my time volunteering there.

Quite a few magnets are souvenirs of trips we have made. The tiki magnet I bought in New Zealand had to be included because E is going through a tiki phase. I quite like the New York magnet which was bought in 1999 and has the Twin Towers in the background. We love checking the thermometer on the Darwin fridge magnet (with the crocodile) when it gets hot.

Finally one of my very favourite magnets has to be the one that says, ‘if it’s a man’s world, let him clean it’. Always gives me a smile.

For an updated and neater look at my fridge magnets, go to this August 2016 In My Kitchen post.


  1. Ooo I love being nosey and looking at other peoples kitchens, fridge doors and well....whatever else they take photos of :P

    Mine is surprisingly clean at the moment, I cleared it off 2 days ago :( but with 3 kids at school you can imagine what it usually looks like! Eek! Certainly not suitable for public viewing!

  2. What fun! Love the giraffes, of course. And that thermometer, too! We have a (non-magnet) Eiffel Tower thermometer that a friend brought back from France in the 90's. . . always check it out when the weather changes.

    Would love to participate in this one. . .if I can tidy it up a bit beforehand!

  3. Our fridge is hidden behind a wooden so it 'blends' into the rest of the kitchen, is it sad that I am feeling jealous of everyones fridge magnets?

  4. Thanks Vegetation - this is a good event for the curious such as you and me!

    thanks Ricki - I can recommend the close-up rather than the tidy-up :-) Love the sound of your thermometer

    thanks Flower - I think I would be sad not to have a fridge to adorn with magnets and the like - but your kitchen is probably much less cluttered than mine

  5. I love the giraffes (and the Kiss me I'm Scottish magnet!). Our magnets extend round the side of our fridge as well - in fact that's where the bits of paper and lists live as my other half got too fed up with picking them up off the floor every time he opened the fridge!

  6. Lovely. Such a fun blogging idea - and I am very nosey around other people's fridge doors, too!


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