Thursday, 5 September 2019

Melbourne to Grampians Roadtrip 2017

I wrote about our trip to the Grampians a couple of years ago.  Lately I have been sorting old photos and found some I had earmarked to put into a post but never found the time. It is a 3 hour drive from Melbourne to Halls Gap along the Western Highway.  Here are a few sights and cafes on the drive there and back.

Little bird cafe, Ballarat:
1) Mac and cheese croquettes and a roast veg and grain salad.  2) Sundae with vanilla, chocolate ice cream and berries. 3) Inside the cafe.


On the road:

Pomonal native flower show:

Views from Ararat:

Waack's bakery, Ararat
 Vegetable pastie.  Meringue monster, coffee scroll and chocolate doughnut.


I've not got much energy for commentary (hence my dive into some draft posts in the archives) but I can say we enjoyed the eats and sights.


  1. Road trips are the best- discovering sights and eats along the way. The mac and cheese croquettes are so tempting! Flower show is a treat for the eyes.

  2. I love road trips! That shake looks interesting. Sort of like dessert one where you need to eat with a spoon rather than a straw.

  3. Some fun photos there. I like the sundae and the windmill.


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