Sunday 28 May 2017

Cinnamon doughnut banana muffins

It was 4 o'clock on an autumn afternoon.  We had not had lunch because our brunch at The Snug was so filling.  I was happy that I had bought some tubs to organise Sylvia's clothes, a bouncy ball for her to play with (outside only please), and a tunnel for Shadow the cat. These cinnamon doughnut banana muffins with a cuppa were just what we needed.

I wanted to make choc chip cookies.  Sylvia wanted banana bread.  I showed her the page in Coles Magazine with "6 ways with banana bread".  She wanted the cinnamon doughnut banana bread.  I conditionally agreed.  We took the idea and made the banana bread into vegan banana muffins.  Amazingly they smelled like cinnamon doughnuts.  These ones were much lighter. 

I have seen recipes for jam doughnut muffins with jam inside and the muffins rolled in butter and sugar.  The recipe in Coles Magazine was fine but it had more eggs, butter and sugar than I wanted.  I altered a recipe for vegan banana bread I found online that used less sugar and substituted oil for butter.

I took out some of the sugar and used it to make cinnamon sugar.  We sprinkled it on top and stirred it in with a toothpick.  It made the muffin tops slightly nubbly.  Of course you could mix the sugar and cinnamon into the batter but this way the muffins hit you with the heady aroma of cinnamon doughnuts.  In fact, E did not even realise that there was banana in the muffins.  I really liked it this way.

Lastly I have been watching the local show, War on Waste.  It is a really interesting look into the stuff we throw out, what happens to it and how much of it is really necessary.  In the first episode, Craig Reucassel, visited banana farmers in Queensland to discuss the mountains of bananas thrown out each day.  He discovered that the regulations on what supermarkets accept are really tight and mean lots of bananas are too big or too small, too bent or not bent enough.  It is quite shameful.

I usually list how many bananas are needed in a recipe.  This program made me think that if the regulations were relaxed, there would be a far greater variation in bananas and it might change how we write recipes.  No big deal of course.  Banana bread would still be delicious!

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Cinnamon Doughnut Banana Doughnuts
Adapted from BBC Good Food and Coles Magazine
Makes 12 muffins

3 large bananas, mashed
80g brown sugar
75g rice bran or neutral-flavoured oil
225g plain flour (half white, half wholemeal)
3 heaped tsp baking powder

Cinnamon sugar:
2 tbsp brown sugar
1/2 tbsp cinnamon

Firstly make cinnamon sugar by mixing sugar and cinnamon.  Set aside.  Mash bananas in medium mixing bowl and mix with brown sugar and oil. Mix in flour and baking powder.  Spoon into greased 12 hole tin.  Sprinkle generous 1/2 teaspoonfuls on top of each muffin and swirl into mixture with a toothpick.  Bake at 200 C for 20 minutes or until golden brown and passes the skewer test.

On the Stereo:
Fearless: Taylor Swift


  1. Looks like a delicious compromise to me Johanna:) Hope all is well in your little corner of the world. I'm doing fine. Missing blogging oodles though:)

    Thanks for sharing, Johanna...

    P.S. Are you on FaceBook? If so find me at LouiseVeeee

  2. Ooh, these sound lovely. I can almost smell them from your description.

  3. I've seen firsthand how much food goes to waste when I went to Food Bank in Griffith/Leeton. It was disgusting how much good quality food has to be thrown out for silly reasons.

  4. These look really tasty! Food waste is a big problem indeed. I try to be better with it in my own household and feel really guilty if I have to throw something away.

  5. I can almonst smell the cinnamon...

    Food waste is a big topic in this part of the world too, but we have a long way to go.It is a great shame that regulations that impose size of what they deem to be the perfect size of a banana acceptable, shameful.

  6. Oooohhh Cinnamon and banana?! What a lovely combination of flavours... Good choice!
    As for food waste..... it is shameful how much food gets thrown away.... and I get so angry that bendy bananas are disallowed! What was that ever about? Bananas are meant to be bendy! x

  7. They look delicious. I love the idea of the cinnamon sugar topping. Adds a nice bit of indulgence without the need for mounds of icing. Delicious

  8. These sound delicious and a nice twist on standard banana muffins.

    Interesting to hear you had a local War on Waste show. We had a series here and it got me thinking too - although not about bananas as I guess they aren't British!

  9. I'm obsessed with anything banana so I'll totally be making these. Usually the weather is much warmer here by now but since it's rainy and chilly still these would be a perfect weekend treat!

  10. Wow these sounds amazing - so many of my favourite words in the title!!


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