Thursday 3 December 2015

In My Kitchen - December 2015

It is hard to believe it is December already and the year is almost over!  Say it isn't so!  November was a month of vegan socialising and aquafaba experiments.  I can't imagine that December will be much less crazy.  Already I am struggling to keep up with all the end of year events.  Right now I am trying to make 3 small gingerbread houses for a raffle and finish my book for book group before the weekend.  So I will keep it brief.

We are still making pancakes on weekends and when we are out of bananas we make Isa's pancakes and have fun with a squeezy bottle.

Celia's overnight sourdough bread is another regular in our kitchen.  This one was made on a hot day when I put it in the sun to help it rise faster so I could bake it in the evening and I think it probably had a little too much sunshine.

My sister-in-law was selling tubs of cookie dough for a fundraiser.  I didn't realise how big they were and ordered two.   That's a lot of cookie dough to get through.

We've tried making the white choc chip and raspberry biscuits from our cookie dough stash.  They were really great - soft and chewy.  I found them quite sweet and look forward to the triple choc cookies.

Sylvia missed her cousins' birthday party but they were kind enough to keep her a lolly bag.  Most of them are still high in the cupboard and might never come down now Christmas is upon us.

Last year for Sylvia's first year of school I posted about a year of lunchboxes.  This year she took up with a lunchbox (Nudie) that was very hard to photograph.  It has finally broken so I took a photo of her lunch the other day.  It tells much about her life.  She is into Kaiser rolls (I put cheese and vegemite in them and she usually takes out the vegemite.  Someone gave her the tomato and cheese puffs which she loved instead of the usual soy snacks.  She is really into cherry tomatoes just now and I am delighted it is stone fruit season but Sylvia is not into eating the fruit from her lunchbox.

I feel a lot less organised as the school year races to an end.  But then we have had too many lost hats, reader bags, library bags, glasses and lunchbox tubs this year.  I have sewed up her school dresses where the belt are pulled at and put her into a second pair of school shoes I bought cheaply before she outgrows them.  Oops I said I was going to keep this brief!

We bought popping candy.  It is fun and messy.  I tried it in cookies but it was more successful on top of ice cream on top of pancakes.

I have been drinking lots of tea.  E is the chief tea maker and I love a cuppa when Sylvia is in bed and I can relax.  I enjoyed the berries tea but am unsure about these new Twinings flavours.  I prefer a plain peppermint or liquorice.

Pizza with vegan mozzarella at vegan potluck picnic.  I loved it so much but none came home.  Luckily I had another pizza at home!

We have been tempted by Christmas goodies at the shops.  It is the time of year when grociers have Christmas images and kids ramp up the pester power!  The reindeer was a little something to cheer Sylvia up after going to the dentist.  We have enjoyed making jokes "is it going to rain dear?" which are quite reasonable with our crazy hot and cold weather.

Lastly here are some baby cherry tomatoes.  I am diligently watering them (mostly) and hope they don't frizzle on a horrid hot day like another tomato plant a few years back.  They are a sign of hope in the garden and a reminder that the festive season here is one of summer's bounty.

I am sending this post to Celia at Fig Jam and Lime Cordial for her In My Kitchen event.  Head over to join in (by 10th of each month) and/or check out what is happening in other bloggers' kitchens.  It is a special In My Kitchen even this month because Celia after five years of bringing together the In My Kitchen community with generosity and cheer, has passed the baton to Maureen of The Orgasmic Chef.  I thank Celia for her work and her large heart and I wish Maureen warm wishes in taking over.


  1. Ice cream on pancakes, hell yeah! I remember the first time I had ice cream and waffles, and my mind was blown. That pizza mozza looks amazing!

  2. The giraffe pancake is adorable! Love the raspberry and white chocolate cookies too.

  3. I'm determined to take it easy this month! I might have to sit out IMK as we're going away and I doubt I'll have time to get things together for an IMK post before then plus I don't really have anything interesting to show this time. Might have to quickly round stuff up today. Love the giraffe pancakes!

  4. Yeah, can't believe its already December. I agree about those Twnning flavours are not doing much for me either, but I do love their Cranberry and Blood Orange at the moment. Hope those cherry tomatoes ripen well and some end up in Sylvia's lunch box!

  5. I love the giraffe pancakes, so cool!

  6. It sounds like life is busy Johanna! But also filled with delicious food, and lots of fun. Your tomatoes look great too and I hope they continue to grow and give you a stock to feed Sylvia's cherry tomato appetite.

  7. Ice cream on pancakes... I just died and went to heaven.

  8. I am making Celia's sourdough pancakes as I type right now! Love your giraffe pancake, given time we squeeze out cute designs too. What a lovely school lunch, I lack two a day and am loving all my new stainless steel containers. Delicious looking pizza too.

  9. Lovely fun pancake! Beautiful cookies too :)

  10. Three gingerbread houses??? I'm usually only just able to make one and this year I've decided to cut a gingerbread house from my list of traditional fare. I hope no one notices! Yes, it's so busy at this time of year with all the end of year events - my head is spinning! xx

  11. How is it that I have never ever heard of pancakes and icecream! I can feel a Christmas spin on that combo coming up, thank you. Happy December x

  12. It feels like this year has just whizzed by. I love your little giraffe pancake! I would never be able to do that... my kids are far too impatient to allow me (the immense amount of) time I would required to create them!

    I love a cup of tea to wind down in the evenings too. Although lately I may have to start making it an iced version. Happy December.

  13. Ah yes, the famous Christmas Carol about the yuletide paper towels. I know it well... I wasn't even aware that cookie dough fundraising was 'a thing'. Have a great summer.

  14. Your giraffe pancake is so cute!!!
    "It is hard to believe it is December already and the year is almost over!"
    I can't believe it's so far into December already. I'm having a hard time keeping up with end of year things as well. I suppose I feel like that every year.
    I hardly think having too much cookie dough is a big problem haha ;p
    Your vegan pizza looks absolutely delicious.
    And my fingers are crossed for your tomatoes - they look great!
    What a fun kitchen =D


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