Sunday, 17 October 2021

Covid Vaccination signs in Melbourne

Arts campaign

Today our Victorian premier announced that our state should reach 70% (aged 16 plus) vaccination by Thursday and thus we are out of lockdown on Friday.  When they say out of lockdown, we are really just easing our way out but it is a good sign.  I hope to book a swim at an outdoor pool on Friday.  And to celebrate, here are a few vaccinate signs I have snapped around Melbourne city and inner north over the last few weeks as the vaccination roll out has finally ramped up.

Finally vaccines available at chemists!

Some businesses have offered vaccine rewards

City of Melbourne advertising

A music and entertainment campaign

I was amused that this sign changed from
"Restricted entry: Stop! Staff and delivery vehicles only"
to "Restricted entry: covid vaccinations vehicles only"

A portable electronic noticeboard outside Naughtons pub, Carlton

Sign of the times: no advertising posters on the bollard
But someone has written Come on Melbourne V for Vax

Vaccinated authorised workers are a big issue.
Hence encouragement by the unions!

A sign from the Vaccination Hub at the Exhibitions Buildings
where I got vaccinated.

One of my favourite vax posters.
Ironically some people have been slow to get vaxxed because so busy at work.

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