Saturday, 9 September 2017

Street art: Hosier Lane 2015

Not much baking going on here so today I will share some street art from my photo archives.  Hosier Lane in Melbourne CBD is well known for street art and every time I go there there are lots of different pictures.  It is a fascinating place.  Enjoy the photos!

More street art posts are listed in my Reflections and Reviews index.


  1. Thanks for sharing Johanna. I have enjoyed these, as you know I do like graffiti art a lot. Hope your beginning to feel much better from your illness and back to cooking again soon.

  2. I love street art-like having a modern art gallery wherever you go!

  3. I love seeing street art in cities - the environment can be a bit gloomy sometimes (all the London concrete gets to you after a while!) but graffiti art makes everything more beautiful.

  4. Some terrific art there. I love the big green one.


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