Tuesday, 27 July 2021

Saigon Corner: Northland, Preston

Over the school holidays we went to Northland Shopping Centre a few times.  Our most recent discovery is Saigon Corner.  It is a quiet cafe in a corner near the supermarkets.  As this was in the month between Melbourne's Lockdown 4.0 and Lockdown 5.0 so we were quite aware of keeping Covid safe.  So this contained cafe near the doors was preferable to the huge food hall filled with crowds of people without masks as they ate.  Not mention the usual noisy chaos of big groups falling over each other to find a seat.

The first time I ordered the Soy Garlic Tofu Rice Bowl ($13.50) which was described as "marinated tofu, pickled carrot, fresh salad, spring onion and sweet soy sauce."  It was more like a stir fry than a nourish bowl I had expected but it is winter so I was happy with a warm meal and the flavouring was nice but mild enough that I could enjoy lots of vegetables and a generous mound of rice.

On my second visit I had the Vermicelli Salad ($14.50) which offered a vegetarian version which had soy garlic tofu, vegetarian spring rolls, vermicelli noodles, pickled carrots, mixed herbs, fresh vegetables, vegan sauce, chilli and peanuts.  I was pleased that they checked if I wanted the vegan sauce or the fish sauce.

I also ordered eggs on toast ($10) for Sylvia and asked for a hard yolk.  As I do not eat eggs I was surprised when they brought out poached eggs rather than fried eggs.  I didn't expect there were any sorts of eggs other than fried that have a hard yolk.  Unfortunately the yolks weren't cooked enough so they took them away and fried up some eggs with hard yolks for Sylvia.

I read about Saigon Corner before writing this and found it is a franchise business with cafes in quite a few shopping centres.  I assume that the menu is pretty similar in other franchises.  What I can say is that I really liked this place for its friendly staff, clean and quiet ambience and good food.  And I really appreciate in these Covid times that we have alternatives to the food halls.

Saigon Corner
(at the entrance near Aldi from the carpark)
Northland Shopping Centre
2-50 Murray Rd, Preston VIC 3072

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