Wednesday, 20 October 2021

Covid19 lockdown 6 reflections and signs in Melbourne

Lockdown 6 in Melbourne has gone forever.  It must have when we lose count of the days, weeks and months.  Around this time last year we were coming out of the long Lockdown 2.  I am hoping this time that we really are unlikely to go back into another lockdown.  But never say never!  Just in case covid really recedes to the background (ha ha), here are some of the covid signs I have seen around over the last few months.  Apologies for the quality of photos.  They are usually snapped quickly on a walk.

We have all seen lots of signs about wearing masks and social distancing.  It is great to see there is still some new ideas.  This car mask poster is so cute.  Seen on the window of a vet clinic.

 I also loved this social distancing notice with the musos on a record label office door.

More and more I have noticed photos of businesses that seem really fed up with covid.  "Don't like my rules? Don't care.  Go somewhere else."

The uncertainty!  "We hope to reopen sometime in the future."

And the hope!  "As crushing as it is, we will return as soon as we're allowed to."

So many signs about masks.  Today I saw one that was about not wearing masks.  I wonder if these will become more common!

I took this photo because it seemed to sum up the sort of signs we see everywhere: masks, click and collect, instructions, QR code and a sign about change (in this case no recycling right now).

Not a great photo but True North cafe always has fun signs.  And I love the clandestine nature of having to go to the back lane to get coffee in lockdown.  Life in lockdown has given us ways of life we had not imagined before.  I also love their sign "Be kind to yourself and us".

"Pub in a box" is such a great concept. 

Less fun were the QR codes that were placed at entrances to each playground.  It is not surprising, they did not last very long.  Well, not in the parks near us.  I think to even consider such an idea, showed just how hard it was to manage public health during the pandemic.

Some signs were just supportive.

And the occasional street art had a message to keep us going, even though Melbournians got a little over being told "Melbourne, you've got this' every time we had a lockdown.  But maybe it is better coming from another Melbournian.

This last photo is of covid street art on the wall of Clarendon Street Coles supermarket.  It was pointed out to me by Mae's Food Blog where she posts lots of esoteric photos and reflections.  So on my one trip to the South of the river when the travel limit was eased to 15km, I stopped by to admire the "#physicaldistancing" mural.

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  1. I would like the "pub in a box" delivered every Friday LOL.

    The pandemic fatigue is really a mental strain, eh? I can't even imagine being a business and dealing with all the ups and downs, and difficult customers.


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