Friday, 8 October 2010

Pizza ideas - bases and toppings

Every now and again pizza inspiration hits me. So for next time I (or you) want some pizza ideas I am gathering together some of the ideas scattered throughout the blog:

I like to try different ideas for a sauce but most of my pizzas have tomato and cheese, though they are packed with enough flavour to be delicious without cheese. I know to be authentic that pizzas have sparse toppings but I love to load it with veg. Check each post for information on how I baked each pizza.
Gluten Free bases:
Vegan topping:
Dessert pizzas:
Last updated Oct 2013


  1. Funny, I don't make pizza all that often, but every one of these sounds good to me! I also prefer pizza loaded up with veggies--sometimes I don't bother with sauce at all. ;)

  2. Thanks Ricki - I don't make pizzas as often as I like but I do love trying new toppings - maybe I need a few links to others toppings to try (such as yours)


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